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Equity in Athletics Report - Mesa Community College

  • Provide assistance to each student-athlete that encompasses college admission, testing, financial aid, course advisement, and course registration.
  • Establish individual educational plan for student-athletes with the goal of graduating in two years.
  • Tutoring Services.
  • Supervised Study Hall attendance.
  • Create and monitor student-athletes full-time enrollment report for athletic participation.
  • Monitoring of Academic Coursework performance i.e. semester grade checks.
  • Monitor progress towards degree and transfer requirements to four year institutions.
  • Assist the compliance office with the processing of Athletic Eligibility.
  • Workshop programming of coursework for student-athletes survival skills.  These academic support services should demonstrate an integration of campus student life programs and services.
  • Create and implement routine rules towards academic success.
  • Provide accommodations for and Mentor at-risk student-athletes academics as deemed by institute educational services i.e. Disability and Resources department (DRS) and Early Alert Referral System (EARS).

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