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Mesa Classic 2014

Meet Date: April 11th, 2014

Entry Method: Teams and individuals wanting to compete in any Mesa Community College track and field meet must register online at Entries only will be accepted online via the DirectAthletics website. Questions regarding entry instructions should be sent to

• Entries Information - Note to all Team Coaches: Each coach must have a Direct Athletics username and password for his/her school. If you don't know your username and password, you will be able to create one or retrieve your existing account by following the instructions below. You will use the same account to enter all meets run through DirectAthletics.
If you already have a DirectAthletics account and know your username/password, then proceed as follows:
1. Go to
2. In the login box, enter your username and password and click Login
If you are a new user, click on the link “New User? Click HERE”. Follow onscreen instructions. You will be able to create a new TEAM account online or retrieve forgotten information for an existing account.
Note About DirectAthletics Accounts
Most coach accounts control a school's Men's AND Women's team. You control only one gender at time, so you will complete the below steps for your Men and then switch to your Women's team and repeat the process (or vice versa). The team you are controlling is listed on the blue navigation bar across the top of your account.

Open/Unattached Entries: If you are entering yourself into the meet as an unattached individual athlete, you must create an INDIVIDUAL account on

Entry Deadlines: Entries will be closed at 11:59pm on April 8th, 2014. The DirectAthletics web site and MCC track & field will not allow late entries into any meet.

Payment, Packets
• Entry Fees: Meet costs this year are $200 per team (10 or more athletes), per gender ($200 for men, $200 for women). Individual entries are $20 per athlete.
NOTE: Teams and individuals must pay their entry fees prior to the start of competition or that team/individual will be scratched from meet.
• Payment Options: Individuals competing in the meet need to make their payments online at DirectAthletics ( Teams may pay for their entries at meet (times are listed below):
*** We will not be accepting payments from individuals on the day of the meet. All individuals must pay their entry fees through the DirectAthletics web site
*** All entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Entries must be paid in advance and received by the close of entries for all individual competitors. Failure to pay individual fees will result in being scratched

Heat Sheets and Results
Performance list: will be posted on the Wednesday prior to the meet at noon MST on the MCC track page.
• Pole Vault: Opening heights will be set at 10'00" for women and 13'00" for men.

Results: Complete results will be posted on the official web site of MCC athletics at the conclusion of the meet. During competition, results will be posted on the corkboards behind the trailer at the end of the track. Coaches and members of the media can receive printed versions of the results at the conclusion of each meet. Results will also be available via the DirectAthletics website.

Mesa Track & Field Classic Schedule - 

Riggs Stadium - Mesa Community College- Friday 4/11/2014

** Schedule to be finalized after performance lists posted on Wednesday **

    Time          Field Events


   10:00 AM  Men's Discus Throw Open - Section A

   11:30 AM  Men Discus Throw Open - Section B         

   11:30 AM  Women Hammer Throw Open           
    2:00 PM   Men Hammer Throw Open             
    2:00 PM   Women Discus Throw Open       
    2:30 PM   Men Pole Vault Open             
    3:30 PM   Women Discus Throw Invitational   
    3:30 PM   Men Shot Put Open               
    3:30 PM   Women Javelin Throw         
    5:00 PM   Men Javelin Throw                 
    5:00 PM   Women Shot Put Open          
    5:00 PM   Men Discus Throw Invitational  
    5:00 PM   Women Long Jump                 
    5:00 PM   Men Long Jump                  
    4:30 PM   Women Pole Vault Invitational 
    5:00 PM   Men High Jump                    
    6:30 PM   Women Shot Put Invitational     
    7:00 PM   Men Pole Vault Invitational
    7:00 PM   Women Hammer Throw Invitational 
    7:00 PM   Women High Jump              
    7:00 PM   Men Triple Jump               
    7:00 PM   Women Triple Jump            
    8:00 PM   Men Shot Put Invitational    
    9:00 PM   Men Hammer Throw Invitational  
    Time         Track Events

    5:00 PM   Women 100 Meter Hurdles       
    5:10 PM   Men 110 Meter Hurdles         
    5:20 PM   Women 4x100 Meter Relay           
    5:30 PM   Men 4x100 Meter Relay             
    5:40 PM   Women 800 Meter Run               
    5:50 PM   Men 800 Meter Run                 
    6:05 PM   Women 400 Meter Dash         
    6:10 PM   Men 400 Meter Dash               
    6:25 PM   Women 100 Meter Dash              
    6:35 PM   Men 100 Meter Dash                
    7:00 PM   Women 400 Meter Hurdles           
    7:05 PM   Men 400 Meter Hurdles             
    7:10 PM   Women 1500 Meter Run              
    7:20 PM   Men 1500 Meter Run                
    7:30 PM   Women 200 Meter Dash             
    7:45 PM   Men 200 Meter Dash                
    8:00 PM   Men 3000 Meter Steeplechase     
    8:15 PM   Women 3000 Meter Steeplechase       
    8:35 PM   Women 4x400 Meter Relay           
    8:45 PM   Men 4x400 Meter Relay            
    9:00 PM   Women 5000 Meter Run             
    9:25 PM   Men 5000 Meter Run               

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